What We Do

We Provide Tech-Based Solutions For Financial Empowerment

We aim to democratise access to technology and financial products with a cross-platform digital offering that simplifies the day-to-day life of our end-consumers. We accomplish this by providing business and financial management tools for free through our mobile, desktop and web applications.


Our Products

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A financial management mobile application with the vision of fostering financial inclusivity of gig-economy workers, micro-entrepreneurs and the low-income strata of the world.                                                                                                                                      

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Actyv Pro

A desktop and mobile application that includes business tools for small and medium enterprises. These tools are inventory management, invoice generation, GST, CRM, payroll and HRMS; packaged with automated loan, insurance and investment models.

We Are Always On The Lookout For Top-Notch Talent

See What Our Employees Say About Us!

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Himanshu Mittal

Software Development Engineer

I am thrilled to be working on a project that aims to alleviate the problems faced by the disadvantaged of my country.                                    

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Agastya Samat


I wake up everyday knowing the problem we are trying to solve is relevant to such a large segment of society.It makes all the work that we are doing at Actyv worth it.

Case Studies & News

Latest News from Our Blog

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Credit Gap

The population of India is over 1.3 billion, and the vast majority of these people have no formal credit history, as a result of which they find it extremely difficult to access funds from financial institutions. Their only option is to seek credit in the form of loans at very high interest rates from predatory local money lenders, thereby leading them to be stuck in a never ending cycle of crippling debt.

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Decentralised Finance

It is defined as the movement that promotes the use of decentralized networks and opensource software to create multiple types of financial services and products. The idea is todevelop and operate financial decentralized apps (DApps) on top of a transparent and trustless framework, such as permissionless blockchains and other peer-to-peer (P2P)protocols.                                                                      

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Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is the practice of using a company’s unpaid accounts receivable as collateral for a loan, which is issued by a finance company. This is an extremely short-term form of borrowing, lasting between 15 to 180 days. The finance company can alter theamount of debt outstanding as soon as the amount of account receivable collateral changes.